Jamie is a traveling partner of Ash and the holder of the Sharpener badge.


Dinosaur LeagueEdit

In the Dinosaur League, Jamie has on a light brown short sleeved shirt, white shorts, black shin length boots, and pale yellow fingerless gloves. She has black chin length hair and coral eyes.

Crystal League Edit

In the Crystal League, she had on a purple short sleeved shirt with cuts over the shoulders, black shorts, dark green fingerless gloves, and white slippers.



  • Velocisharp 
  • Teerexious 
  • Bashead 
  • Eevee → Sylveon 
  • Eevee → Shadoweon 


  • Abra → Kadabra → Alakazam → Mega Alakazam 
  • Gallade → Mega Gallade 


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