Menos is a region in Pokémon. It is the home of the Dinosaur League. There is ten episodes.

Dinosaur League Gym LeadersEdit


Derick is the first gym leader in the Dinosaur League. He holds the Flying Leaf badge. The city of his gym is Decuro.


  • Terradacruel 
  • Tricerahron 


Amya is the second gym leader of the Dinosaur League. She holds the Forest badge. The city of this gym is Curan.


  • Longaneck 
  • Leafeon 


Jamie is the third and final gym leader of the Dinosaur League. She holds the Sharpener badge. The city for her gym is Anatachi.


  • Velocisharp 
  • Teerexious
  • Bashead 

Menos LegendsEdit

Legend of Plantios and Plantius, the Pokémon BrothersEdit

Plantios and Plantius are Pokémon. Kali and has Plantius. Hayley has Plantios. They are both sisters. Plantios and Plantius have a fight to see who stronger but it ends up in a tie. Ever since, Plantios and Plantius have been both rivals and brothers.


Fairack has all the type including the one type that Acreus doesn't. Dinosaur type. It is saif that Fairack is the one who created Acreus and that Fairack is the only one who can defeat Acreus.

The legendary Fairack,

Creator of the Pokémon world,

Whom we worship and praise,

May the world be created,

And made whole like it once was,

The legend continues and Fairack,

Fairack will defeat Acreus,

And make the world whole,

Like how it should be,

Praise Fairack and you will be saved.


Dinosaur League episode 1Edit

In episode one, Ash and his friends run into a girl (Jamie) and she tells them about Menos and the Dinosaur League. They follow her there and she takes them to Decuro gym and they battle Derick, the gym leader, but lose at first. They come and this time, they win.

Episode 2Edit

Jamie says that she will be traveling with them for now until they pass the Dinosaur League. They end up in Decuro forest and Ash sees Misty trying to capture a Pokémon (Velocisharp) so he goes and says hi. They haven't seen each other in two years. He helps her and she is able to capture it.

Episode 3Edit

They camp out in Decuro forest. The next morning, they continue their journey. They arrive in Salestio city where they spend the day at. There, they run into Team Rocket but Team Rocket is just trying to find trainers to battle. Ash and Jessie battle. Jessie sends out Velocisharp (what the?!) and Ash, of course, sends out Pikachu. Ash loses to Jessie.

Episode 4Edit

They arrive in Curan city to battle Amya. They find the gym and battle. Ash loses. The next day, Ash loses again. They decided to visit Salestio city again and Misty offers to let Ash borrow her Velocisharp but he declines stating that he can win it with his current Pokémon.

Episode 5Edit

They are back in Curan ready to battle again. Ash sends out Pikachu. Pikachu wins the first round. For the second round, he sends out Buizel. Buizel wins and Ash gets the Forest badge.

Episode 6Edit

On their way to Anatachi, they stop at a hotel in Gurade. Jamie says that Ash should battle her so he can be prepared for the last gym leader. Ash loses three times.

Episode 7Edit

They arrive in Anatachi gym. Jamie says that she is the gym leader and leaves Ash shocked because the fact that he lost to her three times already. She first sends out Velocisharp. Ash sends out Pikachu. He loses. She sends out Teerexious and Ash sends out Buizel. He wins. She sends out Bashead. And sends out Buizel again. He loses. But Jamie says that Bashead is fairy, flying, and dinosaur. So Ash sends out Pikachu. Pikachu wins the battle while Ash wins the Sharpener badge.

Episode 8Edit

They are now headed back to Gurade to participate in the Dinosaur League. Ash's first battle is with Daren. Daren sends out Audino. And sends out Pikachu. Ash wins.

Episode 9Edit

Ash vs Darel. Darel sends out Umbreon so Ash sends out Bashead whom Jamie let him borrow. Ash of course wins since fairy beats dark.

Episode 10Edit

Ash has his final battle against Kira. Kira sends out Mega Alakazam so Ash sends out Mega Charidzar. Ash loses but earns a new traveling partner - Jamie - and is more happier than ever.


  • This region was unknown until they were headed back to Pallet from Unova. It is because Menos is located some where in the route between Pallet and Unova.
    • They stopped by Unova because they came from Kalos.

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